Why buy Vintage Art?

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Vintage Art | 0 comments

We say, follow your gut. Loving a piece of art is a very personal experience as you’ll appreciate. Take the time to understand which art is the most useful for your living environment, your interior … then to let yourself be guided by your intuition.

ecological trend (which remains important however), buying vintage art remains an interesting experience for your body and your mind. It engages you physically and frees your head!

1) Uniquely your style

When you shop around and find an atypical piece, you develop your style, a unique style that resembles you. The “trendy interiors” that we see on instagram… it’s not for you .
What you love is hunting for that rare gem, finding pieces you won’t see in anyone else’s and creating a unique style that matches your personality.

2) You save money

We can never say it enough: Vintage art is the most cost effective of enjoying art. You’ll have access to some truly beautiful pieces, so much cheaper than a traditional gallery and will all the natural age, patina and imperfections that make it so stunning.  Granted, you can find old signed or very well made pieces at a higher price, but for many of us vintage art fans, the joy is in the pieces unique, aged beauty.

3) You think of the planet, because Vintage is ethical!

Vintage art is ethical, we’re repurposing art from ages past that is not by one of the many masters with their soaring value but by lesser known talented artists. We are owning a piece of history, a painting locked in time. Imagine the history locked within that piece! Tt’s a way to recycle pieces destined to be abandoned and give them a second life. It is always a good gesture and a way of finding a new piece to love as well.

4) It’s good for the circular economy

“A circular economy is an economy that works in a loop, from design to the end of the product’s life” . It is on this last stage that the role of 20th century antique dealers comes into play. The 20th century vintage art markets and experts are part of this notion of sustainable development. By buying vintage art, you position yourself on the niche of a durable and not disposable piece.

5) The quality is there

The piece has survived wars and catastrophe, someone has loved it enough to survive, now you are the next generation of the art, it’s new owner.

6) The relation to the object is different

When you buy a vintage piece, you wonder what its history is, who the artist was, its former owner… It’s a very different relationship than with a new print. The history and authenticity of the art will make them ever more precious.