Getting Started With Vintage Art

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On March 15, 2017, the auction house Christie’s held a record auction: the 31 pieces from the collection of the Fujita Museum in Japan were auctioned for 263 million dollars ! Behind these figures that titillate the summits, what does the art market represent? Can we afford a work of art when our bank accounts are not so full?
The answer is yes ! But in reality, is it that easy?

Based on the observation that the general public and in particular the younger generations do not necessarily have a good image of the art market, synonymous with 8-figure auction records or sales of fakes and theft, we wanted show  that it is quite different and that buying works and objects of art, all specialties combined, is fascinating, a source of personal enrichment,.

A person who “likes” a work on a social network, now can go further by learning about the work before, we hope, acquiring it.

Why buy art today?

Why buy art? To live better! We are convinced that living surrounded by works of art and objects improves everyday life.

The presence of works of art at home invites reflection and delight, can provide moments of emotion, questioning, sometimes pleasure. These works are in a way a part of us; they participate in the construction of our personality.

A work, offered by such and such a person on such and such an occasion, bought in such a context, from such and such a person, also bears a story that goes back to each look at it.

A work is not fixed but is, in a way, interactive, since it turns out to be different from day to day, depending on your mood, the people present, the context, but also the season and the light, and the time. of the day.

The pleasure of buying art goes of course beyond this daily relationship with the work, since the steps upstream of the acquisition and the act of purchase are already, sometimes, a great experience. : meetings, research, connectivity with the piece.

We wish, with the Vintage Art Gallery, to allow the public to taste all these emotions, but also to arouse the spirit of collector, because the great collections started just like this, though in time gone by.

Why buy Vintage art?

In recent years, second-hand stores and vintage fashion sales have become the pinnacle of chic and fashionistas around the world are spending a fortune on a worn handbag … where does this phenomenon come from and why are we drawn to it. vintage?

Advice for an amateur who would like to start a collection?

Get as much information as possible, of course consult our site – the works that we have available is ever changing, our expert team hunt for beautiful vintage art in a range of styles, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labours and buy with confidence – and do not hesitate to ask questions.